Continued Research

Continuing my research into methods of teaching a child First Aid.

Sites I’ve been using for reference/information:

At the minute, I am considering using straight up graphic design (Using Photoshop/Illustrator/inDesign) To create a series of informative Images/posters when can  be used to show the stages and varying forms of First Aid. I believe this could be tailored for each age group, but would like to focus on the older children. An example of what I’m thinking about would be:

My hope would be that these can be used as props and examples during demonstrations and explanations of first aid procedures. They can also me put in classrooms as reminders after the classes. This allows for engaging colours, characters and designs to keep the childrens interest.

Another idea I am considering is some kind of interactive animation incorporated the white board technology these schools are equipped with. This would allow for an engaging and stimulating activity, that will teach the first aid response while keeping the children interested. However I feel that the static posters of my first idea are stronger.


First Aid Research

Looking into research on courses already available for teaching young children the basics of first aid.

I found this site quite informative, it had a lot of information on technique and instruction

This is also from Red cross and highlights some of the first aid training that they offer.

Business Cards

I decided to create some business card designs, As that is important for any company. I researched varies designs and sizes:

Before beginning some designs in my sketchpad. This eventually moved into Illustrator:


I then chose a final version, and added some finishing touches.


Pro:two Identity

Tasked with creating an identity for a company/brand etc. I started off by researching logos, creation methods, and decided upon what I was going to create an identity. For some reason I really liked the idea of creating the identity of a photography based company, one that specializes in urban photography. I figured that a strong idea would allow me to create a strong identity/brand.

I began by looking at the process of creating a strong logo.

Creative Brainstorming- 50 Examples of The Logo Design Process

Good examples of the process of logo creation and creating a solution for a problem.

11 Steps of a Successful Logo Design Process

A good process to go through when creating a logo.

The Logo Design Process – From Concept to Completion

More theory on logo creation.

I then moved onto researching photography logos:

50 Inspirational Photography Logos – Inspired Magazine

40 Inspirational Photography Logos – Creativeoverflow

90+ Awe-inspiring Photography Logos

I in particular, Liked these logos:


I felt like these were recognizable, creative, interesting and easily remembered. Most of them created a strong image based off the name of the company.

The rest of the design process for the logo can be seen in my physical sketchbook, where I began the process of creating multiple images with the same name. This allowed me to look at the company name in many different ways.