Researching Minimalist poster designs

I found a treasure trove of Minimalist poster designs while searching Google. These allow me to research possible ways of conveying First Aid procedures without relying on overbearing information as seen here:

Here is the list of posters:

And here are some of my favorites:


Style Research

I always liked the classic style of life presented in the game Bioshock ( Which takes inspiration from a 1950’s style. The minimalistic but interesting graphics convey a friendly attitude while giving helpful advice.

This approach to my idea would allow for uncomplicated graphics, that still convey there intended purpose, while having continuity among the posters. The style is very recognizable in comparison to standard vector graphics, and brings a ‘Retro’ feel to the posters.

However, on the other hand, this could give the wrong idea about the posters. Maybe associating the procedures with outdated techniques. If a fine balance could be struck between the retro style and maintaining the focus of the project, then I would be satisfied.

Project Schedule

This is my proposed schedule for the First Aid aware project. Realistically I want to have the project completed before we finish classes for Christmas. This would allow me to spend some time polishing the final product and fixing any errors/feedback before the hand in on January. I also recommend clicking the chart to get a better view.

Continued Research

Continuing my research into methods of teaching a child First Aid.

Sites I’ve been using for reference/information:

At the minute, I am considering using straight up graphic design (Using Photoshop/Illustrator/inDesign) To create a series of informative Images/posters when can  be used to show the stages and varying forms of First Aid. I believe this could be tailored for each age group, but would like to focus on the older children. An example of what I’m thinking about would be:

My hope would be that these can be used as props and examples during demonstrations and explanations of first aid procedures. They can also me put in classrooms as reminders after the classes. This allows for engaging colours, characters and designs to keep the childrens interest.

Another idea I am considering is some kind of interactive animation incorporated the white board technology these schools are equipped with. This would allow for an engaging and stimulating activity, that will teach the first aid response while keeping the children interested. However I feel that the static posters of my first idea are stronger.

First Aid Research

Looking into research on courses already available for teaching young children the basics of first aid.

I found this site quite informative, it had a lot of information on technique and instruction

This is also from Red cross and highlights some of the first aid training that they offer.