Pro:two Identity

Tasked with creating an identity for a company/brand etc. I started off by researching logos, creation methods, and decided upon what I was going to create an identity. For some reason I really liked the idea of creating the identity of a photography based company, one that specializes in urban photography. I figured that a strong idea would allow me to create a strong identity/brand.

I began by looking at the process of creating a strong logo.

Creative Brainstorming- 50 Examples of The Logo Design Process

Good examples of the process of logo creation and creating a solution for a problem.

11 Steps of a Successful Logo Design Process

A good process to go through when creating a logo.

The Logo Design Process – From Concept to Completion

More theory on logo creation.

I then moved onto researching photography logos:

50 Inspirational Photography Logos – Inspired Magazine

40 Inspirational Photography Logos – Creativeoverflow

90+ Awe-inspiring Photography Logos

I in particular, Liked these logos:


I felt like these were recognizable, creative, interesting and easily remembered. Most of them created a strong image based off the name of the company.

The rest of the design process for the logo can be seen in my physical sketchbook, where I began the process of creating multiple images with the same name. This allowed me to look at the company name in many different ways.




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