Concept video.

A link to my concept video:


Updated Concept.

After a lot of brainstorming and concept development  I’ve decided to move and away from my original idea of creating a series of posters illustrating First aid, to a game showing children the correct CPR procedure. This game is based on Go Fish! and involves children being shuffled out random cards. They then take turns trading each other until someone has a full set. The first person to put the cards into the correct procedure wins. They could even call out ‘CPR’ or ‘First Aid’

Here is a simplified version of the game description:

Simple game steps

And here is the proposed card design:

Card DesignsCard design mock up (fnished)

I tried to make the card design interesting and attention grabbing, but I feel I may have went overboard. The current graphic is really just a placeholder until I can decided on which steps of the procedure should be incorporated. then I can work on creating a more clean and finished graphic.

Style Research

I always liked the classic style of life presented in the game Bioshock ( Which takes inspiration from a 1950’s style. The minimalistic but interesting graphics convey a friendly attitude while giving helpful advice.

This approach to my idea would allow for uncomplicated graphics, that still convey there intended purpose, while having continuity among the posters. The style is very recognizable in comparison to standard vector graphics, and brings a ‘Retro’ feel to the posters.

However, on the other hand, this could give the wrong idea about the posters. Maybe associating the procedures with outdated techniques. If a fine balance could be struck between the retro style and maintaining the focus of the project, then I would be satisfied.

Project Schedule

This is my proposed schedule for the First Aid aware project. Realistically I want to have the project completed before we finish classes for Christmas. This would allow me to spend some time polishing the final product and fixing any errors/feedback before the hand in on January. I also recommend clicking the chart to get a better view.